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Ladies 1st XI - Match centre

Sat 27 Oct 10:45 - Cup Full time

Penalty Flick Drama in the Cup!!!!


3-3 at full time; 8-8 after 10 flicks per team - match called a draw by the umpires. Rematch planned!!!!

Match report time for the OPM lasses
A poetic run down of our tackles and passes
Would Saturday’s game end in win, lose or draw?
Could anyone guess the surprises in store?

A cold morning - it looked like we might need our brollies,
But that was no problem for the dry Dartmouth dollies!
Their team was sponsored by a fishmonger’s shop -
They had fancy cagools and prosecco to pop.

The OPM girls fought hard from the start
Playing with passion, with no fear of Dart
They pressed their advantage and passed with control
But no-one dared hope they would score the first goal…

But when Tilly made a miraculous trap
(The ball fired by Katie was utterly cr ahem)
She slipped it to Claire, who with admirable skill
bypassed the keeper. The score was 1-0!

With plenty of young subs and coaches galore
Dart were quick on the break, tried to even the score.
But their fishy defences were bypassed by Pip
Who ran down the sideline and passed in a slip

Again Claire finished with style and grace
As people, namely Katie, fell all over the place
The score was 2-0, the atmosphere tense
Some Dart short corners saved by our defence.

And then Genevieve got a ball in the ear
But our brave unicorn shed not one single tear.
The team battled on - a third goal to pursue….
Thank god Luce and Hazel slunk back from the loo!

For when the ball bobbled about in the D
and bounced off the keeper, Luce was ready
She slotted it through between padded legs
The ball hit the board - Oh, sweetest of nutmegs!

Halftime talks saw us 3-0 ahead
But Dart didn’t waver - they fought back instead.
I’m not sure what happened, did we panic a little?
When Dart scored their first our lead suddenly seemed brittle.

When another slipped past us the score was 3-2
Momentum against us, too good to be true.
The equaliser was Dart’s final blow,
The scoreline 3 all with no time to go.

Discussions were had, what should happen now?
We all knew a result was required. But how?
Some shuffles? Some flicks? Dart wanted extra time…
The umpires conferred with no reason or rhyme.

And then they decided - it was to be flicks.
5 chances per team, the girls got their sticks.
Maddy got ready, impenetrable and brave,
Whatever they brought, she was ready to save.

But despite her skill with stick, kicker and pad,
We couldn’t convert the opportunities we had.
Our two flick goals scored by Perky and Gen,
although Perky scored again and again…..
(The umpire said “wait till the whistle blows”
But Perky couldn’t wait so had 2 extra goes)

"How many did Dart slip past Maddy?" you ask!
Well, I’ll tell you! Our Mads was up to the task.
She saved three brilliant flicks, but that left them two…
The score was still tied. NOW WHAT DID WE DO???

We did it again. Another five shots.
Perky just once this time (She’d joined the dots…)
And Kirstin and Katie took flicks of great cunning
So now we had 8 goals…. can you tell what’s coming?

Dart also scored three. The score was still tied.
“You’re joking!” the coaches, supporters, and umpires all cried.
The umpires called time - "no more today!
You can see there are other teams waiting to play.”

So we all left the pitch feeling numb and bemused.
A stalemate! The result could not be excused.
I’ve no doubt we’ve all replayed parts in our heads…
So many things done differently could have kept us ahead.

But Dart disappeared in their waterproof coats
With “Well played” and “Good Game!” stuck in their throats.
Perky and Madski won most votes for best play
And Luce and Haze ditzy, for slinking off toilet way.

The day continued and match teas were had,
There was cake and smiles and no time to be sad.
We’ll play them again and they won’t be so haughty!
In the meantime we celebrated Pip turning….. one year older.

Team selection

Rolls, Madeleine Rolls, Madeleine
Perkins, Katherine Perkins, Katherine
Clark, Kirstin Clark, Kirstin
Collins, Hazel Collins, Hazel
Hooper, Leigh-Anne Hooper, Leigh-Anne
Warren, Katie Warren, Katie
Jephcott, Pippa Jephcott, Pippa
Hall, Tilly Hall, Tilly
McBride, Genevieve McBride, Genevieve
Seymour, Claire Seymour, Claire
Barber, Luci Barber, Luci


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